Andrea A. Kwakyeh
Domesticated Drea


In March of 2014, I found myself in a new place, at a crossroad perhaps. I had experienced the most joyful and devastating moments of my life within months of each other. One of those moments that shook me to my core was the loss of my grandmother. As a coping mechanism I rekindled a relationship that we both shared. Sewing. As most of my fondest memories together was of her and I sitting at her Singer machine on many sunny summer afternoons.

What I thought was going to be a stress reliever was the inception of something monumental. Made with tears of joy and sorrow, Domesticated Drea was created.


The inspiration of my work has been taken from the women in my family from different generations. This inspiration is not only from their style but from their spirit, confidence and tenacity.



Domesticated Drea is a brand owned & operated by Vintage Vanity LLC






Style & Grace